LaTeX format for LuaMetaTeX
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% Adapted based on tex-ini-files 2016-04-15: luatexconfig.tex
% Load shared (PDF) settings in LuaMetaTeX
\catcode`\{=1 %
\catcode`\}=2 %
\catcode`\#=6 %
% LuaMetaTeX doesn't have \pdfoutput, etc.:
% emulate names where appropriate
\expandafter\edef\csname pdf#1\endcsname{\pdfvariable #1}%
% The file pdftexconfig.tex contains only <primitive> = <value> lines
% so can now be read using the (emulated) primitives
% This needs to be global so set \globaldefs for the rest of the group
\globaldefs=1 %
% Pick up on a request for DVI mode and apply it whilst \pdfoutput is
% still defined
\pdfoutput=0 %